Front row: Left to Right

Mark McNees, Ted Robinson, C.J. Heithoff, Mark Smith, J.C. Van Ginkel

Back row: Left to Right

Deb Schuler, Jackie Sampson, Linda Robinson, Cathy Baragary, Billie Hoover, Tammy Wickman

Missing from the picture:

 Cathy Hansen and Denise Masker

SASF Board Members:

C.J. Heithoff (’70) SASF President, Attorney

Ted Robinson (’82) SASF Vice President, 1st Whitney Bank

Deb Schuler (’81) SASF Secretary, Smith Land Service

Mark Smith (’80) SASF Treasurer, Principal Financial Group

Billie Hoover (’84) RMH Systems

J.C. Van Ginkel (’72) Attorney

Cathy Hansen (’75) Retired Elementary Teacher

Tammy Wickman [(’82) Owner of Wickman Chemical

Denise Masker (’79) Atlantic Public Schools

Mark McNees (’83) Former Fire Chief, Current U.S. Postal Service Supervisor

Jackie Sampson (’84) RHM Systems

Cathy Baragary (’73) SASF Executive Director, Retired

Linda Robinson (’78) SASF Executive Director, 1st Whitney Bank